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Ken Briffett Challenge 2019/2020

If you would like to talk through your idea or project with Ken please feel free to give him a call on: - 02392-483625

Following on from the 2019/2020 “Stellar” challenge, I propose that the making time should be extended up to the 2020 AGM, the title be amended to include the word Eclipse, used in the context of stellar.

Eclipse, which may include partial eclipse, is a “made for the lathe” subject & ideal to expand the display of “stellar”.

Thank you to all the members that have already participated in this challenge.

Hopefully their display was inspirational & will encourage others to produce their own themed turning, we can then add these pieces to the display.

The objective is to arrange a display towards the end of 2020, within the Chichester Planetarium. Other venues maybe available.

If required I am here to discuss & help with any aspect of this challenge, so please take advantage of this extended opportunity.



SUPER NOVA by David Marsh

The name of the challenge is:-


The title for this challenge stems from a piece of work displayed by David Marsh called “Super Nova”. Using the related word “Stellar” as your inspiration produce a piece of turned work with star like qualities.

To use a phrase often used by commentators, let’s put in a “Stellar performance” as a tribute to the thought, ingenuity and skilled craftsmanship shown in the work that David brought to the club.