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Ken Briffett Challenge 2018

If you would like to talk through your idea or project with Ken please feel free to give him a call: -


Just in case you need a trigger or starting point to develop you own ideas here are some pointers: -

The Forest of Bere Woodturners Association is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in April 2018.

This is an invitation “open to all” to join in a special challenge to mark the occasion and have a piece, or pieces of your work on display at the Open Day in April 2018, and at other events throughout the year.

The intention is that you use any turning techniques and/or any other materials, or processes to produce an object that has “25” as the basis of the design, preferably disguised so that your finished work may have viewers puzzling as to how the design was developed from that number.


Consider whether you wish to stay within your comfort zone and adapt your style of work to match the title or to extend your repertoire and challenge your current thoughts. Whichever route you take, examine the best examples in the various 3D fields, Architecture, Engineering, Sculpture, Jewellery etc. Not to copy but to trigger new thoughts.

The scale is up to you, personal adjournment size up to garden sculpture size and beyond; static or kinetic is another choice.

Be tormented but have fun.

Further information will appear on this page so please revisit from time to time.

Enigmatic 25