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Today started in the usual way with the chairman giving out a few notices and mentioned that Alan Brown and Ken White couldn’t make today as they were both away on holiday. The tutors were introduced starting with Bill who stated that he would be rough turning bowls etc.

Bill with his bowl

Mike with Hands On

The photo on the right shows Mike explaining about copy turning with hands on for the newcomers, again there was lots of interest and numerous memorable moments for the members who attended and watched Mike.

Don started by showing three types of Tooth Pick Holders making the easy version first which was a five minute project.

The second one a little more intricate as it contained a glass tune which was mounted in wood.

The third one that was discussed in depth was the project that Mike demonstrated back on the 21st February 2013. (You can find plans for this on the Hampshire Woodturners website and hopefully will get in on our own in the next couple of days).

Don then turned a Pear reiterating and explaining what Bill stated during his demo at the February meeting. He then went on to show how to turn a thin stemmed Goblet.

He was then asked about Barley Twists and after explaining the rudiments of the process stated that he would bring all the necessary pieces along to demonstrate at the April Saturday Club. Photo to the left shows the three items that Don Demonstrated.

Saturday Club 9th March 2019

 Mike would be copy turning with Don explaining about different styles of Tooth Pick Holders that you could make.

The photo shows Bill turning a Spalted Beech bowl.

During the morning he had a lot of interest with questions being fired at him plus the usual banter.

Pear, Goblet and Tooth Pick Holder

Sorry that this isn’t in more depth and detail but as you can see I was one of the tutors but it gives you some insight to what happened this month.

Written and Photographed by Don Smith