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 The first Newsletter of 2017 has now been uploaded and the updating of this page will indicate, to me at least,  that our online system really can work, it remains to be seen if I can work it…

The change from a mainly historical, quarterly, printed magazine to an online current newsletter represents significant effort from our Webmaster, Dave Hutchings, to set up a two tier website allowing me to independently upload material.  It provides us with an opportunity to display, inspire and encourage, in full colour with just a few clicks.  

I would like to thank all of our contributors, past and future, for their efforts to help and inspire us to enjoy the art and craft of woodturning, and to encourage all members to consider putting pen to paper, if you find a project interesting or challenging then be assured so will others.   

Please use the contact button below to send any questions, comments or material.

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Pictures taken from a gouge sharpening article by Mike Haselden in the

Autumn 2010 magazine, available from the Archive.