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Alan Brown

I was given a slice of a pine tree a couple of years ago to make a table for a friend.

With the lockdown I have been able at long last to do something with it.

The tree legs needed to be angled and tied together.  Using chestnut branches about 3 inches in diameter, I turned three inches to a 54mm diameter to match my largest "Forstner Bit".

I made a jig to ensure the holes in the table bottom were at the same angle and drilled out the holes for the legs to fit in.

I turned the stays ends to 25mm and drilled in to the legs to accommodate these turned ends.

Glued it all and put together.

The top was planed and rubbed down and then waxed.

The recipient was pleased with the result.

Monkey Puzzle Wood

I was given two wet lumps last autumn by our dear friend Peter Skrzypczak, who sadly passed away on the 25th of March this year.


Walter Siegerist

Hi all, I hope you are all well and keep safe, preferably in the wood turning shed!

Here are a few items I want to share with you which I made over the last five weeks.

Dimensions: 19 cm diam. X 12 cm height - propped up on a coaster

Turning was a challenge as it is all end grain and varies in density with the knots.

Oriental shape

Dimensions: 20 cm x 12 cm height

Two tops for choice made from Sycamore wood, which blends in rather well. I may spray the lids with Chestnut black ebonising lacquer.

Yew Wood

Dimensions: 17 cm dia. x 8 cm height

The challenge was to make size and shape totally identical.

Apple wood

Turned from a Y-branch, keeping the natural edge all around

Spalted birch birdhouse with oak roof.

Spalted birch carved pot.

Oak decorative vase.

Fan palm hollow form.

Yew sphere desk clock.

Bedside lamp with bowl and sphere clock. Cherry and oak.

Mike Sharp

These items were all turned by me during April.