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It was time for the Saturday club to open its doors again and at 8.00am the doors were opened and the setting up started. We were wonderfully surprised to find that the hall was empty of most of the chairs and miscellaneous rubbish and it made the hall much bigger. Today there were going to be three lathes with their Tutors Alan Brown, Don Smith & John Wyatt. Alan arrived and opened the meeting at just gone 9.00am explaining what each of the three tutors were going to be doing and all three were doing bowls.

First was John turning bowls with members taking part and the photo shows the two of them turning with a photo of what was produced

Other members were also invited to have a go.

Next round the room came Alan and his bowl was going to be a Natural Edge and with a number of on lookers managed after a few teething difficulties made the bowl as you see it in the next couple of photos.

The first of the two photos shows Iain Grant and Dave Reynolds looking on at a piece of spindle work



Our Chairman opened the meeting with a few notices the main one being that we have now got a Treasurer Steve Hugo which was very good news.

The Surrey Association of Woodturners (better known as SAW’s) have invited us to attend their Annual Open Day in October.

Alan asked if the members could bring along items that they have made over the next few months so that they could be selected for the Inter Club competition table. There will also be a two man team competition of which more details will follow.

Then it was on to the job in hand which was to introduce tonight’s demonstrator John Wyatt.

John started by showing us what he intended to turn this evening photo below.

Having screwed it on he mentioned that for safety, he would bring the tailstock up as a support the blank whilst he faced off both sides so that he had a sharp and parallel edge to work to. The tool that he would be using was a ½” Bowl Gouge with a 40/40 grind.

Satisfied the shavings started to fly by starting to shape the base of the bowl. The next photo begins to show the profile and the concentration was more on the OG curve rather than remove the bulk in the centre. Once the right shape was achieved John explained how to sand the OG profile by using a Foam pad it was sanded by hand with the lathe switched off but explaining that you could also sand with extreme caution whilst the lathe was running.

To do it this way you needed to be at the base of the arc with the top of the Foam pad turned away so that it didn’t get gripped by the square edges. As seen in the photo on the right.

Now the base was ready to be shaped before starting he added a chucking point before he commenced blending with the OG shape.

It would be at this point that more time would be on sanding the item but for the demonstration John glanced over this although he would finish it off at home later.

The blank was removed from the screw chuck and reversed using the spigot it was fixed on the chuck.

It is now ready for turning the top of the bowl so again using the ½” bowl gouge again the only part which was being turned was the outer third of the bowl so that the shape would match the underside taking great care not to damage the square edges.

From the photo you can see the care that john is taking over the inside lip which is being shaped for later for when the lid will be fitted.

Again sanding was minimal for the demo but would be finished at a later date.

It was now time to start to look at the lid and it would be turned using the same techniques as  the large part of the project.

The third person around the room was myself and my bowl was going to have a twist to it which was to show the beginners what could be done to make a bland bowl into something with a bit of character.

The usual beginners were with me and were happy for me to turn the whole bowl. So the bowl was turned and once I had finished the bowl I explained how the plugs were added to the blank before turning started. Photos will follow on the next page.

Then the beginners were asked what they wanted to turn but declined my offer but asked to show them how to hollow out the inside of a bowl which one of our members Dave had started but not finished.

The first photo shows the bowl being turned on the lathe whilst the other two photos of the inside of the bowl and the underside.

The bowl that Dave had made I didn’t get a photo of but he went home a happy bunny.

Throughout the morning Tea/Coffee was on tap and was much appreciated by the tutors.

For those beginners who are with me it was discussed and the project for nest month will be a Bud Vase.

So if those members who are with me are planning on coming along on Saturday May 14th then please bring a piece of 3 inch square section approx 6 inches long. (75mm X 150mm)

The morning was soon over and the clearing up started with thanks to those members who stayed and helped with this operation.

It is appreciated as the Saturday club is run for you and not the tutors and every pair of hands helps it to be done swiftly.

The first thing that was mentioned was how to mount this onto the lathe so picking up his 230mm x 230mm x 75mm Square blank John explained that the piece was planed and sanded so the piece was perfectly square. Then finding the centre he drilled a shallow hole deep enough to take a screw chuck.

Before screwing it on to his chuck he mentioned that the jaws that was holding the screw were rather small so he had made a distance piece that would fit over and just proud of the jaws.

Once the both face edges had been trued a pencil line was drawn as seen in the photo to give him a finishing point for the bottom edge.

You will notice from the photo that the tool looks to be floating in thin air but you must remember that that is a square edged bowl and therefore you are turning wood.

The time was now 8.30 so we stopped for a refreshment break before continuing again.

Re-starting John finished off the inside by turning an inner bowl.

The next block of wood was 100mm x 100mm x 75mm

Which had been planned square, sanded with a centre point made on one face.

Opening up the jaws on the chuck to their fullest the piece was brought up to the chuck bring the tailstock into play.

Using the centre point it was tighten up on to the chuck for the first stage of turning. John also introduced a chucking point to enable him to reverse it.

The piece was reversed on to the chuck and the base of the lid was turned as shown in the photo. When the wings had been defined it was time to turn the male part of the lid so that it was a firm but not a pop off fit. Also at this time some of the waste was removed from the top of the lid before again reversing the piece so that the Finial could be finished off.

This was sanded in the same way as the main body but again only partially as this was a demo about procedures. The final effect was just as good again a very good professional demonstration from someone who calls his self a hobby turner.

Some of the photos are single shots others are split screen.

Thanks were given to John for his demo also to Mike Sharp for the camera set-up and control well done both of you.

Next Saturday club May 14th and please bring wood along for the project you wish to have Tuition on and club night is on Tuesday May 17th see you all then.