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August 2018 Newsletter

The attendance tonight was very high and after the Chairman welcomed everyone and given out the notices he announced as to what was happening tonight.

We have Bill Thorne and Mike Haselden demonstrating with Don Smith helping with a refresher talk on the procedure of marking out Spiral work.

Bill started his demo by explaining that this was his way of turning bowls which he believed to be the right way. Of course there was the usual banter between him and his audience plus a lot of Mickey taking out of Mike Haselden plus loads of shavings coming off the lathe. In between turning bowls he also demonstrated the making of Apples and Pears again up to the sanding stage.

The three bowls that he had turned up to the sanding stage were taken home by members to finish.

Mike started the evening off showing his way of turning Apples using a screw chuck, his second project was a Light Pull followed by a Finial.

After the refreshments he started off by saying that he was going to demonstrate tool control offering hands on to the members some of which took up the challenge.

The photo shows the members standing around watching the demonstrators and in general talking.

John closed the evening and the clear up started and everyone went home happy after another great evening.

Written and Photographed by Don Smith.

In June Chris Foweraker demonstrated Spiral Work and a number of members asked Don for a Re-cap on the marking out for this subject. It was much appreciated by those members who asked the question.

Bill Thorne turning a bowl

Mike Haselden


August Competition - Sphere

Turn perfect ball. Fabricate holding jig to finish work.

TOOLS; Spindle roughing gouge, Spindle gouge, Parting tool, Skew, Vernier Callipers, various grades of sandpaper.

SKILL FACTOR; Spindle gouge use, Fabrication of jig to hold ball to finish.

Gallery pieces by Dave Reynolds

Peter Noot - Beginners                                  53 Points

Don Hall - Beginners                                      52 Points

Walter Siegerest - Beginners                          53 Points

Gallery piece by Walter Siegerest

Both photos Left & Right are Gallery pieces by Kim Rogers