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This was the last Saturday club of 2018 and we had a very good turnout.

There were 4 tutors, Alan Brown, Bill Thorn, Don Smith and Mike Haselden plus John Wyatt  demonstrating Sharpening.

Alan was showing how to turn Bangles with hands on, Bill in his usual inevitable style explained how Snowmen and Christmas Trees are turned. Don was again doing hands on Pen making whilst Mike was doing hands on tool control mainly on Spindle work.

John had set up the Grinder and was explaining how to sharpen your tools and also giving the members the chance to do hands on.

The morning finished as always with all the members mucking in and cleaning up and left with the timely words (See you on Club Night).

Written by Don Smith.

Wednesday 19th December 2018 - Club Night.

By Don Smith.

The evening started in the usual way with notices etc plus the refreshments including Mince pies would be free for the evening and was received with a loud cheer. The Chairman introduced Mark Sanger.

Mark thanked the club for inviting him again and said that he would be showing how he made Natural Edged Bowls.

The next project was another natural edged bowl with a different shape.  Photo 5 shows the log on the lathe between centres. The outside was shaped from both the Headstock and Tailstock ends of the lathe with a spigot chucking point being turned on the Tailstock end of the bowl. Once satisfied the piece was given a coat of Lemon Oil and reversed on the lathe.

He started by explaining about growth rings and how they affect shrinkage in certain application of Bowl making.

Taking a log with the grain in cross section placed it between centres and started turning by shaping the outside of the vessel adding a spigot chucking point to it as seen in Photo 1.

Once the outside was sanded to a satisfactory finish it was given a coat of Lemon Oil allowed to dry and buffed.

The piece was then reversed on to the Lathe; Photo 2

Mark then proceeded to remove the inside of the bowl to a certain thickness before introducing a light source as seen in Photo 3.

Mark continued to remove wood from the inside of the bowl until the light shining through was of equal light density along the whole length of the wall thickness and finished as the outside.

Photo 4 shows the finished product.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Mark explained that to get to the right depth for the hollowing out of the inside that he would drill a hole to the required depth. You could also use a Spindle Gouge with a ground angle of 40 degrees and this would give you the same effect. He continued to hollow out, sand and finish as his first project.

Once this was completed it was removed from the lathe were it was to be prepared to have its original chucking spigot removed. Using a dolly (Photo 6) the vessel was placed on to the dolly and bringing up the Tailstock removed the chucking point (Photo 7).

Photo 8 shows the finished project and Photo 9 is a selection of some of Marks work.

Photo 5

Photo 6

Written and Photographed by

Don Smith

Happy New Year to you all.

Photo 7

Photo 8

Photo 9