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Written and photographed by Don Smith

Our chairman Alan sent his apologies for not being able to open the meeting so Dave Reynolds stepped forward and welcomed everyone to our second Saturday club.

Today we welcomed Bill Thorne back who for the first hour and a half demonstrated Spindle copy turning. When Bill had finished he wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year before handing over to John Wyatt. A very good crowd watched John demonstrate certain techniques on making the article as seen in the second photo.


By Don Smith

I have held up the publication of the last Saturday club meeting so that I could do the two together but unfortunately that has not been possible.

Your committee decided to cancel tonight’s meeting due to the rampant OMICRON COVID virus and I am sure that we are all disappointed but it is better to be safe than sorry.

As a past chairman I know that Alan and all the committee would like to wish you all a very Covid free Christmas and New Year and a healthier 2022 in the hopes that we will all be able to meet up again.

So from me have a wonderful festive season and look forward to our next meeting.

John at the lathe

John’s demonstration piece

Myself I took on the Beginners again carrying on from where we left off at the last Saturday club when we concentrated on Beads and Coves by using the same techniques and applying them to making Candlesticks.

Both Ken and Dave two new members from the previous week were able to start turning their Candlestick column after a brief demo by myself. The first part was to turn a spigot on the end so that they could fit it into the chuck, then the rest of the square section was turned onto the round. Then they were shown how to fix the Candle Cup into the top before beginning to shape the column. Many other members came and watched them during the morning and they went home with  partly made Candlesticks and wood blanks to enable them to finish the product off at home. Drawings were also supplied plus the Candle Cups @ £1.50 each.

Ken, Dave and myself with the photo on the right showing the two components and a finished candlestick