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With Colwyn Way - Saturday 7TH October 2017

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and announcing a few notices, Colwyn was welcomed and introduced.

Colwyn thanked everyone for inviting him down and explained how he started in woodturning up to the present day.

His first project was a Lace Bobbin which he turned using a Siffon Skew (Find them on line Google Search SIFFON TOOLS) this tool made the making of the project so easy. On completing the Lace Bobbing he proceeded to explain his next project which was a Table Leg.

Taking a square section of wood he produced a V cut at the position of the pommel (Third Photo) and then turned it cylindrical from the pommel towards the tailstock. Once this was achieved he then shaped the leg introducing the foot at the same time most of this turning was done with the Skew.

It was at this time that he mentioned that a Spindle Gouge is measured by the bar stock width and the Bowl Gouge by the flute width.

The next project was a candlestick which would bring into play Faceplate turning as well as Spindle work.

Firstly the base was mounted and turned true, faced off the side to round then trued up the base adding a recess for his chucking point. Sand and finished. Reversed the blank and proceeded to profile the top and drill a hole for the candlestick to fit into, once finished it was sanded and polished as usual.

Using a square section piece of wood it was placed between centres on the lathe and turned to the round making a chucking spigot on one end.

It was removed and using the spigot re-attached to the lathe using the tailstock as a centring point. Drilled the Candle Holder hole and chamfered the edge. Removed and replaced between centres again using the Tailstock centre as a guide the profile was then turned and a spigot was turned to fit the hole which had been drilled in the base.

It was at this stage that again it was sanded and polished Colwyn’s preference is Black Bison Wax.

It was at this point that he explained the difference between a Forstner Bit and a Saw Tooth Bit.

The Forstner is used mainly on Cross Grain whilst the Saw Tooth is for End Grain. Another good point was given about sanding which is when sanding profiles to use the edges of the abrasive not the fold as this would give greater control in keeping the profile nice and sharp.

It was now time for lunch and once again the ladies did us proud.

Lunch over the next project was introduced which was to be a bowl. The blank was mounted on to a screw chuck mounted on the lathe, outside trimmed up and attention was turned to the underside of the bowl.

An external chucking point was made and the outside shaped to the profile required this was then sanded using 100, 150 by hand and then using the rotary with 180 grit, 240 by hand, 240 Rotary, 400 by hand finishing with 400 rotary.

Chestnut finishing oil was applied and sanded with 600 grit whilst still wet at around 150-170 rpm.

This was then buffed with shavings and paper. The other main point was to make a small indent in the centre of the base for truing up later.

Colwyn explained that the spigot would be removed later. The blank was removed from the screw chuck and remounted into the chuck trimmed the face of the blank then proceeded to turn to approx half the depth of the inner part of the bowl until the wall depth was achieved then he continued on until the inside was finished, sanded and finished as the outside of the bowl. It was then removed from the lathe. It was then explained that by using a Plywood Faceplate which had a section of Router Matting attached.

Taking the bowl placing the front on to the matting he then brought up the tailstaock to centre the bowl by applying pressure using the small indent in the base. The foot was then turned off leaving a small spigot which was sanded off using a Rotary disc pad mounted in the chuck.

At this point he mentioned that his Skews have a secondary grind at the cutting edge which gave better control when the Skew is being used.

The next project was an Apple turned from a piece of Monkey Puzzle and a Pear from Purple Heart I won’t go in to much detail as we all know how these are turned but Colwyn did show how to polish using Buffing Mops the first one used was a stitched mop with a polish applied; the second was a loose leaf type with Carnauba wax applied.

The next project was a Christmas Carousel which could be either a single or a multiple stack and all though it looked difficult was in fact quite easy if you broke it down in to sections. The plans are in this month’s Woodturner Magazine with the second part next month.

Colwyn did say that he would send us plans of this project.

Items which needed purchasing can be obtained as stated below.

The Candle cups from Turner’s Retreat.

The small bearing can be purchased from GLASLAGER 8mm.

Go on to Google and put in ECHT ERZGEBIRGE you will find many different designs of Christmas Carousels.

Colwyn finished the day by showing the members present how to turn Christmas Trees and Snowmen.

The Chairman gave a very big thank you to Colwyn for a very informative and interesting demonstration.

So ended yet another wonderful day of Woodturning.

Just three items Colwyn had on display.

Written and Photographed by Don Smith