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Forest of Bere Woodturners Association (Havant)

Club Meetings

Saturday Club


Nov 20th

Gregory Moreton

Nov 9th

Dec 18th

Les Thorne

Dec 14th


Jan 15th

Turn-in Club Members

Jan 11th

Feb 19th

Mark Sanger

Feb 8th

Mar  18th

Mike Hasleden

Mar 14th

Apr 15th

Dave Appleby

Apr 11th

May 20th

To Be Confirmed

May 9th

June 17th

Les Thorne

Jun 13th

Jul 15th

Turn-in Club Members

Jul 11th

Aug 19th

Gary Rance

Aug 8th

Sept 16th


Sept 12th

Oct 21st

John Wyatt

Oct 10th

Nov 18th

To Be Confirmed

Dec 16th

Xmas Social

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