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Forest of Bere Woodturners Association

Club Meetings

Saturday Club


Sept 21st


Sept 10th

Oct 19th

Steve Giles

Oct 8th

Nov 16th

Stuart King

Nov 12th

Dec 11th

Masterclass Nikos Siragas

Dec 14th

Les Thorne

Dec 10th


Jan 18th

Mike Haselden club member

Jan 14th

Feb 15th

Gregory Moreton  professional

Feb 11th

Mar 15th

Mark Baker professional

Mar 11th

Apr 19th

Dave Reynolds club member

Apr 8th

Intentionally left blank

May 17th

Dave Appleby professional

May 13th

Jun 21st

Paul Nesbitt professional

Jun 10th

Jly 19th

John Wyatt club member

Jly 8th

Aug 16th

Jean Turner professional

No Saturday club in August

Sept 20th


Sept 9th

Oct 7th

Colwyn Way Masterclass

Oct 14th

Oct 18th

Mark Sanger professional

Nov 11th

Nov 15th

Mike Haselden club member

Dec 9th

Dec 20th

Dave Moore club member

Programme 2016 - 2017

Introduction by Nigel Wilkinson.

I would like to thank John for doing an excellent job for the club in the past, I will try to follow in his footsteps. We have a good end to the year with Nikos Siragas’s Master class on the 11th December and an entertaining evening with Les Thorne on the 14th.

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